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Van Riper-Hopper House, 533 Berdan Ave., Wayne, NJ

Collected and Prepared by
Walter D. Zonenberg, Troop 104
for his Eagle Scout Service Project
June 23, 2010

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“Genealogy Index”

Subfolder “Dutch Families”

Map - “Dutch settlements on N.J.” + copy
Map - “N.Y. At the time of the Revoltion”
Map - “Areas of Dutch population in the late 18th Century”
Report - “Guide to Genealogy and Local History of Passaic County”
Report - “Dutch-American Geneology”
Order form - “Indices of Revolutionary stuff”
Letter on Reformed Church in America archives

Subfolder - “Genealogy Index”

Flier – Wayne Public Library
Scrap of newspaper mentioning Wayne and history
Contact information for John C Vanderschaaf
List of Van Riper-Hopper House genealogy files

Subfolder - “Historical Names”

Letter from Wayne Historical Society “Names for 3rd Middle School”. March 14, 1966
Report - “Historical names not yet used for street”
33rd Annual Reunion – 10/15/1994 – Program
2 4x5 photo prints of the Ackerman house, Alps Road
1 35mm strip negative, 4 frames, Ackerman house
1 photo processing receipt
1 business card “Carol Kaszubski”, Norwich CT
1 hand written sheet of notes concerning the 10/15/1994 reunion
Berdan Family tree – 1902 – Preakness Reformed Church (plus copy of same)
Article - “House of Albert Berdan”  View Image
Newspaper article - “Old Berdan Records Trace N.J. History” - no date (original plus a copy)   View Image
Family Tree – 6 plates - “Berdan Family Tree” - hand drawn
Photo print 4.5 x 6 – Jacob, Albert & Rebecca Berdan house, Valley Road – 1972 (2 prints, 1 negative)
Photo print 8x10 – Some old house – undated (plus negative)
Photo print 8x10 - “Albert Berdan house” - undated (plus negative)  View Image
Photo print 8x10 - “Smokehouse, Berdan farm” - undated   View Image
Photo negatives 4x5 (3) of some of the above prints
Report - “Albert Berdan House” by Herbert J. Fisher – 1955
Notes, handwritten, “Agnes Guild sees Carlton Berdan” - references Preakness Reformed Church, Garret House, Rev. George Laban
Note – Michelle Novak - “Has Berdan Genealogy”
Photo print, color, “Benson House” - undated
Photo print, monochrome, “Benson House” - 1978
Report - “History – Guest House as related to Dr. William E. Betts” - 1963 plus memorandum on the property, originally part of the Schuyler-Colfax farm.
Real estate listing flier – 308 Terhune Dr.
Color advertisement - “Sunny Knoll” 308 Terhune Dr. w/ floorplans and maps
Photo prints, color 3.5 x 5 – 20 exposures - Exterior and interiors of Sunny Knoll w/negatives – 1991
Photo print, monochrome – Sunny Knoll – 1991
Photos 3.5x5 monochrome – 2 sets (5 & 15 prints plus negatives) copied from old originals. Subjects include farms, horses, Preakness shopping center. Notes on back of photos. 1007 Preakness mentioned.
Email hard copy – Eddie & Liz Byrne about the name of Byrne Ct,
“Carter, Randal - plus Black History in Wayne”
Newspaper clipping - “Wayne Resident remembers wood and ice cutting days” - Herald News - “Father born in slavery in Virginia, Carter put children through college” - after 1940 (+ 2 copies)    View Image
Report - “Martin Grant Carter” - May 17, 1960 – by Marcia Silk (original plus draft and copy)
Report - “History of Wayne, talk to the commissioners” - July 27, 2004 – first person narrative of an unknown friend of Randal Carter
Newspaper clipping - “Family Watches Wayne Grown” - Wayne Suburban News – 4/26/1978   View Part 1  Part 2
Newspaper clipping- “Where Wayne Township was Born”- Paterson, NJ Morning Call- 6/25/1947
Newspaper clipping- “Birthplace of Wayne Township Discovered by Centennial Committee After Intensive Search” Paterson Evening News (plus copy)
Photo of Henry Casey House- 1329 Paterson Hamburg Turnpike
Photo of Henry Casey- 1329 Paterson Hamburg Turnpike
Photo of Jackson House- 1329 Paterson Hamburg Turnpike (plus copy)
Article- “Colfax Family Cemetery”
Photo of Schuyler Colfax (copy)
Obituary of Mrs. Maria Colfax Ward (copy)
Colfax Family Tree (copy)
Deed-Max Bornstein Selling 611 Hamburg Turnpike to Alhtaha Council, Boy Scouts of America Nov. 1964
Note From Wayne Township Historical Commission saying Lou Costello did not live at 611 Hamburg Turnpike
Newspaper clipping Wayne Suburban News 11/17/1976- Showing Demarest House at 378 Fairfield Road
Newspaper clipping Christian Science monitor 12/2/1944- “First Demarest Home in America 1678
Newspaper clipping Sunday Record Call 2/9/1969- “Chas. Addams Could Have Slept Here”
Flier for Wayne Township Recreation Commission Annual Bowling Tournament 1967
Newspaper Clipping- “Board Approves Theater Plans”- Road originally named Borden Boulevard was changed to Demarest Drive by Donald Giles
Newspaper Clipping 5/24/1968- “It's (Almost) Sock It To Them Time In Wayne”- Mentions Ida “Betty” Demarest
Article- “Memorandum of Ryerson Family”
Article- Untitled- Mentions Demarest Family
Newspaper clipping 2/27/1956- “The DeMilles of Pamlico Pompton Lakes to Hollywood” (plus copy)
Note from Cholly Jackson on DeMille House
Wayne Township Historical Commission List of Wayne Historical Sights 7/1991 (plus copies)
Article from Wayne Township Historical Commission- “Did Stanford White Design the DeMille Gatehouse” (plus copies)
Map of Terhune Drive
Photo of Music School Owned by DeMilles 9/7/?    View Image
Photo of DeMille House  View Image
Newspaper Clipping Paterson Evening News 3/6/1968- “Lloyd DeMott, 89 Years Old, Still Rides Bicycle, Takes Camping Trips, Swims” (plus copy)
Newspaper Clipping Passaic Herald News 5/6/1959- “80 Persons Visit Wayne Man Marking His 90th Birthday
Newspaper clipping- “Lloyd DeMott, Still Spryly Shoveling Snow, Marks His 94th Birthday Today” (plus copy)
Newspaper clipping- “Lloyd DeMott, 91, Still Takes Bicycle Rides” (plus copies)
Newspaper clipping- “Patriarch Enjoy Reminiscences Delights in Present Events, Too”
Article about interview of Lloyd DeMott
Letter to Lloyd DeMott 5/9/1959 From Passaic County Court Office
Photo of DeMott and Ryerson Store
Photo of Lloyd DeMott on 89th Birthday
Newspaper clipping - “How Col. Varick, Nephew of Col. Theunis Dey, Helped to Thwart Treason by Arnold”
Article - “Dey History” from “The History of the Treman, Tremaine, Truman Family in America”.
Article - “Theunis Dey”
Magazine - “195” with article on Dey's Farm in Manhatten
Letter – from Raymond F. Dey to Wayne Mayor Newton Miller 9/17/92
Biography of Raymond Francisco Dey – 15 September 1992
Email from Robert Monecelli about DeYoung family
E-mail from Ingrid Fox about Judy Doremus Sellers
Article about Jones Doremus Cemetery
Article “Memorandum of the Ryerson Family”
Article from the Huguenot Society of New Jersey about Cornelius Doremus
Article “Ancestry of Family Doremus”
Article about items stolen John Doremus in 1780
Articles taken from “Paterson and its Environs”
Article taken from “Preakness and The Preakness Reformed Church a history”
Photo of Doremus House (2 Copies and 1 negative)
Photo of Doremus House
Envelope of Mrs. Van Driel's pictures of Doremus House, + negatives
Book - “Abraham Lincoln Sculpture: Created by Avard T. Fairbanks, Compiled by Eugene F. Fairbanks”
Copy of painting by John B. Fairbanks of aqueduct across Pompton River + description sheet
Pages printed from Web site -
Pages copied from book “The Fairbanks Family in the West” rne
Article by David N. F. Fairbanks, M.D. on Chrysler hood ornaments designed by his father Avard T. Fairbanks.
Letter from Virgil F. Fairbanks, M.D. To Robert Montacelli, June 21, 2005
Letter from Virgil F. Fairbanks, M.D. To Robert Montacelli, August 8, 2005
E mail from Robert Montacelli on Fairbanks family, June 21, 2005
Letter from Robert Montacelli stating the location of Cornelius Kip's gravestone
Picture of Cornelius Kip's gravestone
Letter from Virgil Fairbanks to Robert Montacelli thanking him for meeting his daughter
and giving them two books, written July 8th, 2005.
Article on town of Wageningen, Holland
Map of Wageningen, Holland
Certificate of Character regarding Gerrit Gerritsen and history of the Van Wagoner-Van
Wagenen family
Article about 1816 summer, “The Year without a Summer”
Second article about 1816 summer of “Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death”
Article about house in Dedham, MA from 1636, owned and maintained by Fairbanks family
Third article on summer of 1816
Article on Fairbanks house and family
Pictures of Lakeland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (with captions)
Photos of works by Avard T. Fairbanks, Sculptor (with captions)
Photo of sculpture by Avard T. Fairbanks displayed at Masonic Temple in Washington, D.C.
Photo of Forsberg House   View Image
Newspaper clipping - “The Forsberg House” The Record, August 13, 1989
Note from Cholly Jax about Forsberg House
Copy of Federal Register from March 18th 1980 (Mentioning Forsberg House)
Two blank menus from the Willow Tea House, Mountain View,N.J.
Flier advertising the Willow Tea House
Photo - “Gaede Mansion and the Pond”
Newspaper clipping Paterson Evening News August 29th, 1961 “Gaede's Pond Gives Way to Progress”
Article - “Noah's Ark Revised” Paterson News, December 23, 1968
Christmas cards from Helen and Ronald Gall, from 1965, 1966, 1968, and 1969.
“Interview with Mrs. Graham”, August 1978
Appraisal - Estate of Andrew Graham by John Weiss, Jr.
Survey map of Block 614, lot 3, Wayne, NJ
Indenture document between Philip Schuyler and James Graham, April 16, 1866
13 photos of Graham House + one of “bridge across Jackson Ave. looking towards Pompton Plains during a flood”.    View Image     View Image
Obituary of Sally Elizabeth (Graham) Siscoe, wife of Fred Funston, April 20, 2002
  Photo: Graham Barn, 1940   View Image
“Hammond General Store”
Photo – “Henry Hammond's General Store”
Photo – group of people, some itentified
Photo - “Beauty salon, former Hammond's Grocery”
Photo 8x12– Haviser Home on Morris and Essex Canal (2 copies)
"Henn's Tavern”
Photo – 8x12 - Bar in Henn's Tavern (+ negative)   View Image
Newspaper clipping – “Landmark bows to progress”, Herald News, October 1, 1968   View Image
Appraisal of Estate of Albert Hen, Wayne Township NJ, by John Weiss, February 8, 1952
Photo – Front view from Hamburg Turnpike, c. 1942
Copy of deed of James Hinchman, April 24, 1828
Copy of family records from Bible of James and Susannah Hinchman, Preakness, NJ.
New Jersey State Library information on John Hinchman and Simon Simonson's war records
Copies of tax records for John Hinchman, 1839 and 1858
11 photos of Hinchman family tombstones (+ 1 negative)
11 other Hinchman photos
Copy of picture of Garrett Hobart
Pamphlet on Hobart Manner from William Paterson College
“Historic Preservation Assessment” for Hobart Manor, July 11, 1988
Photo - “Former Hobart Residence – WPU Campus”
Photo - “Rear of view of Hobart Manor, c. 1876”
Photo - “Women on left of Garrett Augustus Hobart is Jenny Tuttle Hobart in the Dinging Room
Photo - “Baby Garrett Hobart V, in Hobart Manor, c. 1936”
Photo -”Unknown women, Hobart Manor, 12/89”
Photo - “Dining Room of Hobart Manor, 12/89”
Photo- “Couch house of Hobart Manor”
Photo - “Women on right is Jenny Tuttle Hobart, widow of Garrett Augustus Hobart”
Newspaper clipping “John W. Homes dead at 87, was former mayor of Wayne” Paterson News, 5/20/1970
Newspaper Clipping - “A House full of Memories”
Book - “The Hopper Family Genealogy: Descendants of Andries Willemszen Hoppe(n) of New Amsterdam 1651-1658, The first six generation Compiled by Maria Jean Pratt Hopper”
Article - “The Ancestry of Andrew P. Hopper, Researched by maria Pratt Hopper, September 21, 2003"
Booklet - “The Van Riper-Hopper House”
Book scan and picture of the Goetschius House, Upper Saddle River
Book scan and picture of the Terheun Homestead, Hackensack.
Picture of Melvin Hopper(?) in uniform View Image
Family tree of the direct descendants of Jacob J. Hopper.
Articles on houses of Albert Berdan and Jan Berdan.
Article and picture on Van Houten House, Franklin Lakes, NJ.
Article and pictures on Van Horn House in Wyckoff, NJ and the two Zabriskie-Board Houses.
Pictures of Dye Mansion and Hopper House from book “PRE
Photograph - farm building
Letter to Ms. Woodhouse, March 10, 1994 from Victoria J. Hopper.
Obituary of Irving W. Hopper (January 1921).
Book - “”Hennion Family of Preakness, NJ: Line of David Johannes Hennion and Willemyntje Kip"
Copy of Newspaper Clipping - “Land in historic deed may be hard to pinpoint”, Bergen Record, 1/21/2005
Copy of Indenture between Joseph Heale, Mercy Benthall, and Richard Ashfield, and David Danielson, August 30, 1717
Article about items stolen from John Hennion in 1780
Article - “The David Danielson Hennion Tract”, + two copies
Newspaper clipping - “Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Jacobus: Wayne Pioneers recall old days”, March 3, 1968
  Newspaper clipping - 67th wedding anniversary of Shirley and Flossie Jacobus, Paterson News, 11/12/1975
Handwritten note about Thomas Jacobus's house
Handwritten note about Jacobus family tree
Copy of Jones family tree chart
Copy of Jones family portrait, 12/24/1896
Copy of group photo, summer 1906
Copy of photo of Jones Family, summer 1906, with identification key
Map of Wayne showing Jones Farm location
Article - “Thomas Jones & Elizabeth DeBow Jones”, 10 November 1989
Article - “Thomas Jones Family Line”
E-mail from 6 June 1998 on Jones family, + Jones family tree chart
Family Group Sheet for Jacob Cornelius Smith and his wife Margaret Ann Straut
Family Group Sheet for Nicholas Jones and his wife Elizabeth Mead
Family Group Sheet for Maritje “Young” Dejong and her husband Nicholas Jones
Christmas card to “Markie” from “Barb”
Yellow card with address of Mrs. Paul Hazuda.
Notes about Thomas Jones' house on yellow card.
Summary of “Chapter Thirteen” on yellow card.
Family tree of Nicholas Jones, (1702-1775).
Obituary of Patricia Hazuda from newspaper on March 1, 2001.
Notes on Helen Kill.
Birth announcement of Zachary Sylvester (September 29, 2001), from the Today News.
Historical notebook written by James Machalhenny.
Photo: James Machalhenny 1856-1929    View Image
“ Kingsland”
Article - “Township of Lyndhurst: Historical Background Essay of 300 Years, in words and pictures”
Handwritten note on Kingsland family genealogy
Article “The Kip Family”
Copy of affidavit of Nicholas Kip to recover debts, 1783
Handwritten note on Kip family house
Five 3x5 photos of Keuhm farm, Black Oak Ridge Road
Newspaper clippings:
“Incident at Light Camp; The Day the General Came”, Paterson Evening News, January 8, 1952
“Lafayette Headquarters, Built in 1750, to Be Razed for Plaza”
“Proof Held Lacking Ryerson House Was Headquarters Of Lafayette” Paterson Morning Call, April 1, 1950
“Rotted Beams a Tip-Off on Historic House's Dilapidation”
“De Yoe Established Authenticity of Historic Lafayette House Now Being Saved by Patriots”
“Lafayette House Authenticity Corroborated By Ryerson Heirs As Commission Stays Its Hand”
“The Old Ryerson House Before Wing Was Removed”
“Civic Group Trying to Save Historic Spot Meets Tonight”
“Gerhardus Bos Has More Proof That Old Ryerson Homestead Was Lafayette Headquarters”
“Memorial Plaza on Ryerson House Site”
“Urges Park at Falls Site as Tribute to Washington Troops”
“Lafayette par Andre Maurois”, February 10, 1957 (In French)    View Image
“Ryerson House Not Quarters For Lafayette, Records Show”
“Washington, Lafayette Carved names In Rocks of Paterson's Great Falls”
“1957 Is 200th Anniversary of Lafayette, Frenchman who fought in Revolution”, Paterson Evening News, March 13, 1957
“Lafayette Bicentennial Recalls Early Paterson”, The Paterson Morning Call, September 5, 1957
Caption of picture of Lafayette Headquarters
Copy of speech of General Lafayette, from Paterson Intelligencer, August 27, 1828
Photo - “Milking barn on Langfritz farm,
Photo - “Old farmhouse on Langfritz farm off Garside Ave., late 1960's”
Photo - “Garside Ave. runs along rear of photo, 9/89”
Photo - “Barn building on Langfritz farm on Garside Ave. in Wayne
Article - “History of the Lockett Collection”
Article - “S. Hobart Lockett Memorial Bookshelf”,
Inventory of books in “S. Hobart Memorial Reference Library of American History Books on New Jersey: at Wayne Library
Another inventory of Lockett Collection books
Newspaper clipping - “Wayne Community Mourns Lockett”, North Jersey Times, December 22, 1960
Certification of S. Hobart Lockett as member of the Historical committee of the Township of Wayne, October 28, 1947
Extract from Congressional Record of February 28, 1961, containing tribute to S. Hobart Lockett
“Maass, Clara L.”
Article on life of Clara Louise Maass (3 copies)   View Image
“MacDonald, Peter"
Newspaper clippings -

“MacDonald Feted By Over 400 Friends Who Braved Bitter Weather To Do Him Honor, North Jersey Times, January 26, 1939

“Dignitaries Honor MacDonald”, Morning Call, February 4, 1957

“They Say Up Country”, Paterson Evening News, February 4, 1957

“Township Clerk MacDonald Feted On Completing 30 Years Service”, Paterson Evening News, 2/4/1957

“Township Clerk MacDonald Feted On Completing 30 Years Service”, North Jersey Times, 2/14/1957

Untitled, February 18, 1957

“Canfield Proud of His Solo S... (torn page) Against Cut in Defense Budget, Paterson Evening News, February 13, 1958

“Friends, family join the MacDonalds on golden jubilee”, The Herald News, February 5, 1973 (2 copies)

“Peter MacDonald To Receive Salute On Air Tomorrow”, Paterson Morning Call, January 19??

“Mrs. MacDonald Is Buried Today: Mother of Township Clerk Died Suddenly at Her Home”

Pamphlet of “Testimonial Dinner in honor of Dorothy Stults”, May 29, 1961
Pamphlet of “Testimonial Dinner in honor of Peter Mac Donald”, September 12, 1962
Photo 8x12- “Mac Donald Barnyard, 1915”
Picture of Van Saun – Mac Donald – Cappio House, “Used as field kitchen during Revolution”
Map of ?
Two drawings on cardboard of house, Dan Nevins, 1 Sept. 74
Article - “Giles Jansen De Mandeville and The Descendants of Charity Mandeville who married Reynier Speer”, by Jane Norman Smith, 1946
Excerpts from book “Full-Blooded Yankee by S.G. Koon, 1946”
Copy of will of Gillis Mandeville, 1696
Article - “Gillis Mandeville and the founding of Greenwich Village in New York, by Franklyn Frick, January 1976”
Excerpt from “Register of Ancestors, The Huguenot Society on New Jersey”
Article - “Our line of descent from the Mandeville Family”
Article - “Research on the possible ancestry on the De Mandeville Family”
Untitled article mentioning Mandeville family
Article - “Memorandum of the Ryerson Family”
Article - “The Manderville Family, by Rev Garet Schenck”, + pages of Mandeville genealogy records
12 copied pages from books mentioning the Mandeville family
Letters on the Mandeville Family :

Anita Nixon Peters to W.E. Berce, February 2, 1965

W.E. Berce to Mrs. William A, Eckert, July 22, 1965

Memo from W.E. Berce to John Breon, July 22, 1965

Mr. William A. Eckert to W.E. Berce, July 19, 1965


Group photo of Mansius family (small children)    View Image

Group photo of Mansius family (grown children)     View Image

Van Cott Home

Women on porch of 2nd Mansius Home

Farm animal at Mansius Home, c. 1910 (where Packanack Ball Field is now)

Couple on porch of Mansius House

Hand drawn map of Martin House area
Strip of 5 photo negatives
Carlton Inn, 1920 (Young's Hotel, Singac, NJ)   View Image
Possible Martin House, 30 Hobson Ave, Wayne, NJ
Newspaper article - “Historic Wayne building fall under tank attack”, February 1958   View Image   View Image
Clipping from LIFE magazine of February 1958 showing demolition of buildings by tank  View Image
Photo of Meeks house, winter 1919-1920
List of items donated to Wayne Library: Clock, Cornelius Merselis portrait, Maria Post Merselis portrait
Article on Merselis family genealogy
Article by M. Sills on Edo Merselis house
Newspaper clipping – Wayne Hills Mall construction, Paterson Evening News, October 5, 1972 View Image Part 1  View Image Part 2
Excerpt from book - “Immigrants to the Middle Colonies”, mentions Pieter Merselis, May 9, 1661

Living room mantle detail in Van Houten home, June 25, 1936

Front door detail of Van Houten home, June 25, 1936 (note says “May not be Merselis House” )

E mail about Ruby (Mott) Challice, born in Van Riper Hopper House, sent December 2, 2002
Photograph – Harry Mumford with fire truck  View Image
Newspaper clipping: Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Mumford
Newspaper clipping: “PTA founders' day celebration”
Obituary of Harry Mumford, age 86, Paterson News, August 16, 1971
Empty envelope Postmarked jan 13 7Pm 1904 in Paterson NJ, Co: The Mountain Springs Farm
Lower Preakness NJ
Envelope containing letter Postmarked April 6 from Paterson NJ, Mr J.H. Nellis - Manager
Mountain Springs Farm Co Paterson NJ
Letter July 1903, Union Buggy Company to J.H. Nellis
Envelope containing letter Postmarked Feb 16 1904, From: George W. Labaw, To: Mr. Jacob H. Nellis; Lower Preakness NJ
Newspaper Clipping Looks like it's Berdan avenue for senior citizens' housing by Joanne C. Hanlon
Wayne gave Senior Citizen Housing Corporation land to develop housing for Wayne senior citizens.
Newspaper Clipping, Past presidents of Passaic county council of PTA's were honored at a dinner held at Wayne manor.
Newspaper Clipping from the Herald News April 15, 1966, Tribute to PTA council again
Newspaper Clipping Herald news may 18 1971, Sounds Easy picture showing Harry Mumford in front of fire truck
Newspaper Clipping, Long Time Mountainview Resident remembers PTA council early days About Mrs. Harry E Mumford
Copy of Photo: Kip - Blain - Nellis house Wayne NJ 1985
Color Photo of Nellis House - photo developed 1987
Letter: To: Mrs. Estelle Perry, Council president, From: Federated Women's and Junior Women's clubs of Wayne; They want to use the Nellis house as their club house.

Nellis House

H. Schoomaker to J.H. Nellis, on error in making change
Union Buggy Co. to J.H. Nellis on wheel order, July 10, 1903
Parsonage Reformed Church to J.H. Nellis, February 16, 1904
Letter and receipt
Business cards for Mountain Springs Farm, J.H. Nellis, Manager   View Image
$55.00 check written by Ella L. Nellis
Wayne tax notice for J.H. Nellis, 1901
Electrical certificate, Joseph Nellis, September 13, 1927
Receipt, J.H. Nellis, Paterson Bros., December 28, 1899
19 misc. receipts, J.H. Nellis, 1900-1902
Receipt, 1902
Receipt for cider, September 26, 1902
Receipt for feed, grain, and hay of J.H. Nellis, March 9 1903
Receipt for suit of J.H. Nellis, January 25, 1910
Photograph: Richard Nellis on tractor, 1937
Photograph: October 1976
Photograph: Polaroid of Nellis house, 1985
Photograph: Nellis house, May 1985
Photograph: Polaroid of Nellis house, 1985
Photograph: Living room fireplace in Nellis house
Photograph: Nellis house attic

Nellis House - Brown subfolder

Envelope with photos of Nellis House
Black envelope with 4 unlabeled 8*10 photos of house.
Notes on Escutcheon plate.
Letter to Marcia Sills from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (February 4, 1991) regarding eligibility of Nellis House for listing in the NewJersey and National Registers of Historic Places.
Second letter from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to Marcia Sills, (October 25, 1991).
Handwritten notes on National Trust for Historic Preservation
Article - “History of the Nellis Farm”, Susan Nellis Holmgren Pikaart, granddaughter of Clara Louise Nellis Berdan and Bird L. Berdan, 1988
Letter to members of Wayne Township Council from Susan Pikaart, August 24, 1991, regarding Nellis Farmhouse
Notes on Nellis family, taken from account owned by Dorcas Berdan Bascomble, 1990
Interview with Dorcas Berdan Bascombe Martin who lived in Nellis House
Handwritten notes on Nellis family
Notes and architectural diagram of Nellis House
Pencil drawing of Nellis House
Handwritten note on Ann Nevins and Nellis House
Article - “Nellis House: Present and Historic Physical Appearance”
Newspaper clipping: “Russo: Save Historic Sites”, August 13, 1989
Newspaper clipping: “Handicapped Housing could be 'Tax free' “
Newspaper clipping: “Nellis House May Escape Demolition”
Article about Mount Laurel project
“Historic House still hangs in balance”, December 17, 1987
Report - “The Kip-Blain-Nellis House”, Carolyn Mumford Jackson, 1985
National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for Nellis House (3 copies)
Summery of remarks of Susan Pikaart to Wayne Township Historical Commission meeting about Nellis House on April 11, 1994
Typed notes on Nellis farmhouse Historic Sites application
Photographs - June 3, 1979, by Ken Fedor
Group of people
People eating cake
Girl playing guitar
Newspaper clipping - “Nellis Property Remains Dilemma for Those Involved”, August 20, 1992
USGS map of Paterson, 1981
Yellow Book map of Wayne, 1985
Letter from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to Marcia Sills, February 4, 1991, on Nellis House's NRHP application
Letter from New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to Marcia Sills, October 25, 1991, on Nellis House's NRHP application
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection survey form for Nellis House

Nellis - Brown Subfolder

Newspaper clippings:
“Look's like it is Berdan Ave. for senior citizen's housing”
“Council weighs the future of Nellis House”, July 13, 1988
“Champ takes to his skis year-round”, November 2, 1988
“Seniors”, November 2, 1988
“Wayne Council to decide fate of farmhouse”
“Free tax help available to Passaic, Morris residents” , February 5, 1977
“Wayne's mysterious mound”
“Nellis affordable access – easy units approved”, Wayne Today, February 5,
“Estate may house trucks”, The Record, December 20, 1977
“Farming heritage of township found in Nellis House” November 4, 1987 (+ copy)
“Kathryn Nellis, former farm owner”, obituary
“History vs. housing crunch”, Record, January 18
“Historic house still hangs in balance”, December 17, 1987 (copy)
“In brief: Group to decide house's fate”, The Record, December 10, 1987
“Wayne OK's town site for senior's project” The Record, December 17, 1987


Nellis House”, by E.J. Lemik
Inside of attic, by Bruce Gauger
View of staircase, by Bruce Gauger
View of wall, by Bruce Gauger
“Front door”, by Bruce Gauger
“Staircase”, by Bruce Gauger
“Attic showing gable”, by Bruce Gauger
View of inside of attic, by Bruce Gauger
View of fireplace, by Bruce Gauger
View of pipe, by Bruce Gauger
View of wall with ruler, by Bruce Gauger
View of floor with ruler, by Bruce Gauger
View of floor, by Bruce Gauger
Sheet with small copies of Bruce Gauger photos
Report on Nellis House, including photos, paintings, and floor plans
Canceled check from Nellis to G.W. Minters, January 29, 1903   View Image
Notepad with advertizements for Mountain Spring Farm Co. Paterson, N.J.
125th Anniversary map of Wayne
Photographs - “Nellis House garage, “Nellis House rear”, “Nellis House garage”.
Leaflet of Titanic International, Inc.
Letter from Donna Grey to Mrs. Katherine Nellis on Nellis Collection at Van Riper Hopper House, December 10, 1977
Inventory of items in Nellis Collection
Plan of “Nellis Farmhouse Preservation Alternatives”, S. Pikaart Bristol and Henry P. Bristol, August 10, 1988
“National Register Bulletin” guidelines for completing forms
Note from Susan Pikaart Bristol and Henry P. Bristol to Wayne Township Council on Nellis House preservation, September, 1988
Card from Montain Springs Farm Lower Preakness NJ
Paterson nation Bank deposit book –blank
Assorted photographs and illustrations of the exterior and interior decoration of the Nellis Farm House (stuck together with tape making separation unadvisable)
Envelope of advertisements aimed at farming that were sent to J.H. Nellis   View Image1  View Image1  View Image1
“Olbon, Charles”
Newspaper clipping – Wayne “Twp. Receives Olbon Book Collection”, Paterson Evening News, 12/18/1961
Newspaper clipping - “Wayne Historians Receive Collection of Late Educator”, December 21, 1961
“Stories of New Jersey: Prepared for use in public schools” about 60 bulletins from 1936 to 1942
“Parish, LeGrande”
Subfolder: “Janett Brown Artifacts”
Cassette tape – Jannett Brown, daughter of LeGrand Parish's chauffeur, dated 9/3/04, Topics: Janett Brown, Bob Brubaker, neighbor, Servants, Afro-Americans, Philanthropy, LeGrand Parish, Wayne residents.
Wayne Historical Commission September 28, 20004 agenda
Copy of newspaper article – New York Amsterdam News, May 20, 1939: family of Charles Herbert Brown inherited $20,000 from Mrs. LeGrand Parish
Program from operetta “The Tea House of Sing Lo”
Handwritten notes on LeGrand parish
Proclamation by Wayne Township Committee for period of mourning after death of Mrs. LeGrand Parish, May 11, 1933 , and newspaper article on her funeral. (+ laminated copy)
Obituary of LeGrand Parish (1866-1933), (+ laminated copy)
Will of Madge L. Parish, January 10, 1936 (+ copy)
Copies of photos of three houses: LeGrand Parish mansion, Mountain View, NJ, LeGrand Parish four-car garage, and 19 Maple Avenue
Photo album page with three pictures: LeGrand Parish showing off fish caught on vacation in Wisconsin, Front view of Parish home, old-time fire engine, and Mrs. Parish's Christmas card
Photo album page with four pictures: Parish mansion, Parish car with chauffeur Charles Brown, Mrs. Parish in car with chauffeur, and Parish mansion.
Photo album page with four pictures: LeGrand Parish's log cabin, one of parish's cars, Mountain View train station, and Parish mansion in winter.
Envelope with photos of Janett Brown
Photograph – Janett Brown, age 4, in front of 19 Maple Avenue
Notes on artifacts donated by Janett Brown to Wayne Historical Commission, “copy of will and photos”, August 26, 2004
Letter from Janett Brown about Parishes, September 2004 (+ copy)
Copy of program for graduation at Mountain View Grammar School, June 22, 1936, including Janett Brown

Subfolder - “Photos, Parish”

“Le Grand Parish” obituary 1933   View Image
“Meade house on Parish Drive, Wayne, before 1925”
Photo: Le Grande Parish    View Image
Group photos of cricket team
Man in front of factory
Boxcar on railroad
Inside of boxcar
View of wing of house (+ copy)

Subfolder - “Parish”

Photograph - “Mead-Parish House”   View Image
Article on Le Grande Parish, presented to Wayne Rotary Club on February 6, 1963   View Image
New York Times articles on Le Grande Parish (obituary and on an attempt to rob his grave) compiled by E.W. F. Kittel, August 9, 1963
Letter from P.E. Percy to Mrs. Kenneth G. Sills, February 11, 1972
Handwritten notes on Perrine Family
Newspaper clippings -
“What's In a Name? 'Mad' Anthony's Troops Marched Here”
“Century-Plus-Old Roat Home, Hamburg Tpk., Will Bow to Time – In Way Of Development” (+ copy)
“Roat Homestead, Long Twp. Landmark, To Make Way For Housing Development”
Winter family tree chart
E-mail from Oakley Winters to Carol D'Alessandro, November 17, 2009
Notes on Edgar Rohrbach,
Worship bulletin for Mountain View Methodist Church, January 14, 1968
Note listing relatives of Rev. Rohrbach
Pamphlet - “Dedication of the Reverend Edgar B. Rohrbach Room”, January 21, 1968
(2 copies)
Article - “In Memoriam: The Reverend Edgar B. Rohrbach 1893-1963”
Article on Rev. Rohrbach Room
Envelope with turkey feather inside
Funeral booklet for Mrs. Edythe Rieran Rohrbach (August 25 1896 – January 1 1962)
Letter of Rev. Rohrbach, January 20, 1962
Letter of Rev. Rohrbach to Mrs. Marcia Sills, February 19, 1962
Letter of Rev. Rohrbach to Mrs. Marcia Sills, February 28, 1962
Newspaper clippings -
“Rev. Rorhrbach To Leave Local Methodist Church”
“Body of Rev. Edgar Rohrbach Found in Shallows of River”
“Pastor to Become Historian”
“Rev. Rohrbach has Led Many-Faceted Busy Life”, April 17, 1960
“Wayne's Loss Is A Gain For Sparrowbush, N. Y.”, June 10, 1960
“They Say Up Country”, Paterson Evening News, June 17, 1963
Obituary of Rev. Rohrbach
“Heirs of Rev. Mr. Rohrbach Donate 500 Books to Wayne: Late Pastor of Methodist Church Known As Historian, Gardener, Civic Leader”, Herald News, September 11, 1963
“Town Gets Rev. Rohrbach's Records”, September 12, 1963
“Dedicate Museum Room in Memory Of late Wayne Minister, Historian”, Paterson News, January 23, 1968
Photos -
Large version and numerous small versions of a portrait of Rohrbach
Rev. Rohrbach and Ed van Duyne presenting picture of Wayne historic buildings to Wayne Historical Commission, + April 1963 article on the presentation
Family Dinner at North Jersey Country Club, September 12, 1963, 2 photos
New clips – “Jenson Fine Arts” re: Margery Ryerson c. 1989
News clip – “Tribute to Margery Ryerson” – 1999
Hand notes – by Phyllis Ryerse Geneological Notes, 2pp.
Hand notes – “Ryerson Geneology” from Miriam Ryerson Arnott
Journals – “Port Ryerse Journal” Feb, June, October 2005, July 1994
Pamphlet – “The self guided historic tour of Wayne township” by the Wayne historic commission – undated
New clip copy – ‘Wayne, Ryerson history entwine” – 4/14/1991 w/ original Newpaper section
New clips with notes – “W.B. Ryerson” obituary, Abram Ryerson obit, photos and articles about the Ryerson Graveyard
Photo, 8x10, B&W, picture of rear view of 137 Ryerson Ave
Map – Port Ryerse, Ontario, Canada
Book partial copy of Samuel Ryerson’s life in Canada 16 pp.
News clip – “Fiftieth anniversary of the passing of Egerton Ryerson” in Ontario
Copy of will of Col. Samuel Ryerse excecuted on 1812
Magazine copy – “Antiques” Oct 1985, article about the 1787 Ryerson house
Hand notes “Ryerson Family Notes” on Wayne letterhead
New clip – “Martin Ryerson…” Oakland’s 50th Anniversary
News clip – Photo and caption about the old Ryerson forge and mill – Herald News 6/25/1968
News Clip – “Abraham Ryerson to Speak on Radio” – undated
Memorandum about the Ryerson family, mimeograph w/ cover letter – 1/11/1965
Letter & envelope – From Mrs. H Lindstrom to Charles R. Jackson about the Ryerse family
Form “New Jersey Historical Sites Evaluation (NJHSE)” about 44 Newark Pompton Tpke. 1787 Ryerson house, hand written and typed versions
Photo, 8x10, b&w, Abraham Ryerson portrait – undated  View Image
Chart – ‘Lineal Descent of Col. Samuel Ryerse”
Photo 3x3 b&w Ryerson house, Passaic   View Image
New clip – “Historian against uprooting tiny cemetery on Wayne” Ryerson family cememtary
New clip “Indians were indeed their dish” w/ photo of Ryerson’s church. Article about George and Martin Ryerson – c. 1966
New clip “ Wanaque Resevoir progress via heartaches” – about the Ryerson furnace – 8/4/1963
Newsletter “Bulletin of the Passaic County Historical Society” Nov 1950 referencing Helena Ryerse
Report – “Ryerson Family in America” by Ruth Woodall (onion skin carbon copy) undated
Photos, color 3x5, of a house printed 9/1988  View Image
Memo – RE: 44 Newark Pompton, Ryerson house “Thornewood” for the Historic Commission with several copies
Report and cover – about Cornelius Ryerson, draft of Paterson Evening News article 8/29/1930
New clip copy pictorial – ‘Colonial Home Goes Traveling” about the Lafayette-Ryerson house 2pp.
Photo, b&w, 8x10 – “Ryerson Homestead built 1784, Wayne, NJ” c 1910 w/Xerox annotated copy View Image
Photo, b&w, 8x10 – George Ryerson house with notes on back
Letter from Thomas Ryerson, Canada about the Ryerse Family Journal – 3/20/1995
Empty Folder
Photo, B&W, 5x7 – Edward Sisco, Ludy, Cavalere – 1960
Photo, B&W, 5x7 – Edward Sisco at his Mayor’s desk – 1960’s   View Image
Photo, B&W, 5x7 – Edward Sisco, Aquino, Ludy, Klein, Giles
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco Wedding to Donna Wilson – 1960’s
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco, opening of Mt. View Treatment Plant w/ Fred Bauer – mid 1960’s
Photo, B&W, 5x7 – Edward Sisco at desk w/ Fred Damier – mid 1960’s
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco on carnival ride – mid 1960’s
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco posed golfing w/ Fred Bauer, Halter, Hoffman, Jasinski, Feddema, Hampshire – Mid 1960’s
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco w/ T. J. Howard “opening of Ramapo Bank”
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco – “Opening of Preakness Cinema”
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco w/ Bauer, Feddema, Hoffman, Jasinski
Photo, B&W, 5x7 – Edward Sisco – “Opening of Fayette Park” w/ Damier, Kunzius, Snyder, Ludy
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco w/ Lachmicht, Broione, Cipolaro
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco w/ Bauer, Van Norde
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco at microphone
Photo, B&W, 4x6 – Edward Sisco “ Memorial Day speech”
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco w/ Aquino, Ludy, Auberg, Bauer
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco w/ Anne Gerhold
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco w/ Evelyn Keyes, Ed Feddema. Photographer: Michael Riccie
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco w/ Sid Millburn, Chris Pappas, Dick Branson mayor, Jack Shepherd, Henry Van Dyke,
Photo, B&W, 8x10 – Edward Sisco
Photo 3x5 B&W, Ed Shackleton and wife Hattie at Garry Jeffries’ country store w/ Benjamin Earl – undated w/ enlarged Xerox copy
News Clipping – “The Schackletoons Ed and Hattie recall Wayn’s past” – 8/29/1975 Herald News (2 originals)
Letter – From Archbishop of Westminster RE: Prayer Card   View Image
Prayer Card   View Image
Letter – From : Norman Vincent Peale RE: Regrets about a speaking invitation   View Image
News clipping copy – about Norman Vincent Peale
New clipping – “Open letter to Paperman” 3/11/1974
News clipping - about Norman Vincent Peale
New clipping – “Tribute is accorded Stanley Syles …”, Printing News, 10/8/1983
News clipping – paper Sales Convention newsletter – “Greatest Positive Thinker of the all speaks Tuesday” 9/26/1983
Newsletter clip – “Profile of a Rotarian” c. 1978
Newspaper clipping - “Stan Styles – Pacesetter for the Industry”, March 11, 1974
Newspaper clipping - “Stan Styles – Pacesetter for the Industry”, March 11, 1974
Pastoral Letter 1974   View Image
Book - “The Teetsel Family Heritage Book”, Beatrice Bayley, Inc.
Terhune genealogy letters and charts
Photos, B+W, five frames of the Tether property   View Image
Copy of photo – Jacobus Jones Graveyard
Photo – Harry Tether, 1930   View Image
Newspaper clipping – obituary of Harry Tintle, age 87, Paterson Evening News, February 21, 1963
“Van Ammers”
Photo – class portrait, c. 1917, with names on back   View Image
Photo – Van Ammers Farm, c. 1910
“Van Brunts”
Letter from David Van Brunts on Sills/Van Brunts genealogy
“Van Duyne”
Report - “Bott”, includes Nicholas Van Duyne
“Van Horne”
Report - “Joris Janzen Van Horne and his descendents”, C.S. Williams, 1911
Tables and inventories by name, estates, and farms
“Van Ness”
Photo card – Van Ness homestead, Fairfield Road
Report, mimeographed - “Memo of the Ryerson Family”
Report, mimeographed - “Van Ness History”
“Van Peenen”
Newspaper clipping - “Wayne's last dairy farm”, April 16, 1967 (+ copy)
Photo – B+W 3x4, four frames of Van Peenen Dairy   View Image
“Van Riper”
Report - “The Richard Van Riper House”, Herbert A. Fisher, Jr.
Email hard copy on descendent from early Wayne families
Booklet - “The Van Riper-Hopper House”, Charles S. Jackson, 1972
Hand drawn Van Riper genealogy map
Letters, photostats, from Van Riper Manufacturing, on 1908 genealogy
Letter from George Van Riper to Mountain Springs Farm Co. complaining about milk, 1904   View Image
“Van Saun”

Subfolder - “Thomas Van Saun”

Newspaper clippings:
“Preakness home to be preserved as historical site”, Paterson Evening News, June 17, 1948 (+ copy)
“Lafayette a U.S. General at 19” with photo of Van Saun house, 1962 (+copy)
Photo of Van Saun house, 23 Lafayette Ave.
Van Saun house, 1964
“Wayne has more history than London Town”, Paterson Evening News, March 8, 1966
“Butler girl researches house's history”, Paterson News, October 23, 1972
“Deed drawn in 1747”, October 24, 1972
Polaroid photos – Van Saun house, (+ negatives)
Color photos – Van Saun house, (+ negatives)
Email hard copy - From John Briggs, on photo of Van Saun house
Folded card – painting of Van Saun house, with news article from June 18, 1964
Report - “The Magic Pane”, Joseph Hannah, Wayne Tercentenary Commission

Subfolder - “Eno + Thomas Van Saun”

Van Saun house, 1988 (copy of older photo)
Thomas Van Saun house
Thomas Van Saun house
Samuel Van Saun house
Newspaper clipping – Vreeland house being demolished, 1958
List - “Genealogy of the Vreeland Family 1619-1976”
Map - “8 generations to John Hopper Veader (1836-1917)”
“Watkins 1812”
Letter – Wayne Historical Commission to Mrs. Donna Aronson, on 1812 Watkins gravestone, 3/24/1997
Photo - “Worbach House with people”, c. 1902
Survey map - “Property of Fred Worbach & others, Lower Preakness, N.J.”
Envelope with documents - “Worbach Family documents, Wayne deeds, etc.”